• End Wars and Occupation: PDA opposes wars, military spending and occupations. We demand deep cuts to the Pentagon budget to fully fund essential programs to meet human needs.
  • Economic and Social Justice: PDA supports stimulating the economy through public investment, a financial transaction tax, job creation, a living wage and rights to organize for all workers. We support legislation to end poverty, homelessness and discrimination. Tax policies must ease burdens on the middle class and working people. The top 1% must pay their fair share.
  • End Corporate Rule: PDA seeks to restore democratic balance and end corporate dominance. Special interests, lobbyists, and Super PAC’s block sensible healthcare, environmental, economic, and foreign policies. We support legislation and constitutional amendments to reassert these basic truths: “Corporations are not people, and money is not speech”.
  • Stop Global Warming/Environment: PDA demands immediate action to address global warming and to protect the environment including a carbon tax, green energy use, and sustainability. Carbon based energy is causing irreparable harm in extraction – mountaintop coal, fracking, and shale oil. Its use is causing rising sea levels, melting glaciers, more violent storms and drought.
  • Healthcare for All/Single Payer: PDA supports expanded, improved Medicare for All. Replacing private insurers would recoup administrative savings of up to $300 billion per year. A single payer system would provide high quality healthcare to everyone – privately delivered and publicly financed – with no bills, co-pays, deductions, denials, or medical bankruptcies.
  • Clean, Fair, Transparent Elections: PDA supports Clean Money public campaign financing, free TV time for candidates, Instant Runoff, proportional voting, voting rights for those who’ve served their time, and paper ballots. PDA opposes all violations of voting rights, touch screen voting machines, and corporate domination of elections.

Run Bernie Run in 2020

We at Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) first launched our “Run Bernie Run” petition in 2013 when our late founder, Tim Carpenter and our political director Steve Cobble urged us to call on Bernie Sanders to run for president as a Democrat in 2016. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Imagine how differently things might be proceeding if Bernie were our president. Words matter. Ethics matter. Human decency matters. Integrity matters. Common sense matters. Sign & Share The Petition Saying: “Run Bernie, Run!”